🤖 About

so • manny • things /soʊ ˈmɛni θɪŋz/

I’ve got approximate knowledge of many things:
📱 tech things, 💬 social things, 🐈 culture/meme things, 👥 behavioral things, 🎨 design things, 💻 developer things, 🍟 food things, ® wheat thins.

Some of it is fueled by my childlike curiosity and nimble doer-of-stuff attitude, but most of it probably due to my chronic Googling.

TL;DR: 👶❓ + 💡🔨 + 💻🔎 = 📱💬🐈👥🎨💻🍟

What's a What is a Content Manager at TBWA?

My counterpart and I help oversee an agency-within-an-agency social team made up of designers and community managers. Equal parts digital strategy and creative, we’re able to think strategically across the digital ecosystem: I know how to design, how to code, how to use self-service ad platforms, how to shoot and edit content, etc. We can concept/oversee emerging initiatives at the intersection of brand storytelling, content marketing and remix culture on our own or work alongside other creative teams to elevate their ideas to live in a new and emerging digital landscape.