Kenwood Social


With an ambition to be the global leader of premium Sonoma wines, Pernod Ricard's first US winery set out to re-introduce it's reinvigorated brand in Year One.

In a category where not one single winery had quality social content, Kenwood wanted to breakthrough category conventions and elevate the brand to the level of other premium spirits — with no production or media budget outside of one Sonoma visit in September.

Led social business for Pernod-Ricard's Kenwood Vineyards. Developed 📑🔑content strategy, 💬💡concepted and 🍷📸 executed creative (photo, video, design), planned paid social and led 🖼📊 content measurement.

Results: 131% increase in FB reach per post, 100% increase in FB post shares, 5x IG engagement rate than closest competitor





To showcase our different varietals while engaging our target's love of artistry, we brought our wines to life through visual interpretations of their fragrant aromas. I food styled, shot, and edited the series.


Between the Ridges

To introduce Kenwood's new terroir-driven range, we captured the diverse appellations that are crafted into each bottle through looping watercolor animation.


Pat's Picks

Turned client's infographic into a content series highlighting Local businesses using photography with an IRL “Pat’s Picks” lockup. Led to increased engagement as we provide value beyond our vineyards and build relationship with like-minded Sonoma busineeses.


Meet the Makers

winemakers pour their hearts into each harvest—this is not wine by recipe— so we feature them in cinemagraphs and show the homespun details of how they rise with the sun and work into the night to make each bottle perfect.


Living Logo

The logo has a story worth sharing, so we brought it to life in social posts by using the elements that make Sonoma unique to recreate the logo. The client loved the Living Logo so much that it was used for print.