Technogym Olympics


Creative Development and Identity Exploration for 2016 Rio Olympics



Motivated by Boredom

Waiting in line for something? May as well be moving.


The tourists and citizens of Rio will be hugely dependent on public transportation during the Olympics. But with that many people, wait times will be astronomical.

Get Rio to make the most of their idle time by getting them to move for a good cause. We'll station bikes/treadmills at different locations where people can make MOVEs while they wait:

– Bus stops
– Watching the various volleyball/basketball games
– Mall bench
– Boardwalk restaurant wait times
– "Live" Move Stations follow real-time crowd trends

Amplify: Personalized Data Social Asset / Most active wait spots brand content


Motivaed by Good

Some people are already moving. Let's align their planned fitness activity with our cause.

Spotify Running Ads

We'll drive people who are training locally and globally to donate their MOVEs by reaching them just as they're about to start their workout. We'll target using the Spotify Running feature and/or those playing workout/running playlists.

Locally, we'll use geo-targeted Spotify ads to reach people already running nearby our activations and drive them to run on our treadmills so they can help the kids while they run.

Globally, our ads will drive people to download our app so that they train with a Champion from wherever they are and donate their MOVEs.



Motivated by Reward

Quid Pro Quo...get something you want.








MOVES as Money

Instead of typical campaign "trinkets", let's entice participants with a range of necessary supplies like: beach towels, umbrellas, and beach chairs that participants can "rent" out in exchange for their Moves. (i.e. - 200 moves / 10m of cycling gets you a beach chair for an hour)

The more you move for us, the more you can earn something you want.

Amplify: Every participant is our earned Ad-Media Unit (on our branded Towels, under our branded Umbrellas, etc), Geo-Targeted ad awareness, Fitness Targeting.



MOVES AS Utilities

Wifi and power on the beach is a limited, vital resource.
Get moving to get the access!

  • MOVE for WiFi: 1) The WiFi remains available so long as MOVEs are being donated OR 2) The network is password-protected and the password can only be retrieved after donating MOVEs 
  • MOVE for Charge: charge your portables using the kinetic energy from your donated MOVEs OR be able to charge your phone for as long as you MOVE.
  • MOVE for Shade: We’ll outfit the beach with motorized umbrellas, but they’ll only remain open as long as people are MOVE-ing with us


Motivated by Recognition

Fuel participant engagement by putting donations in competitive perspective

Challenge a Champ

We'lltreat the experience like an Olympics competitive event – with "medal" ceremonies and hourly leaderboard ranks on public display.

In addition to showing on the screens when a champion is training, we'll use this to help us play the role of the "trainer" by playing up the motivation and support that a trainer would give.